Master Your Sexting Skills: The LGBT Pride Month Edition

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Sexting isn’t just for straight people. In honor of LGBT Pride Month this week’s Master Sexting Series has some super-hot sext excerpts from the LGBT+ community.

Woman on Woman Sexting

Woman on Woman Sexting

“Relax I want to make you come. Just relax. I’ll be gentle.

Don’t be too gentle.

I slide my hand inside your panties. Gently caressing over your full parting lips and wet opening.

I sigh and shift my hips so your fingers have full access.

I rub your clit gently with my fingers listening for the change in your breathing and then slowly sliding two fingers inside you.

At first my muscles tense up but then slowly relax while your fingers are moving inside me getting wetter and wetter. I lean in and bite and kiss your neck.

I use my thumb to continue playing with your clit while my fingers continue to slide in and out of you.”

Man on Man Sexting

Man on Man Sexting

“After a while I move to your legs, you spread them giving access to your sweet ass. I continue to massage them then I replace my hand with my lips, you spread your legs wider exposing your tight sweet manpussy. I kiss it, then lick it, oh the taste is indescribable.

I moan as I feel you reaching for the lube and then sliding your fingers in.

I work my fingers around until you’re nice and lubed then run my hand up my rock hard cock before sliding it slowly into you.

I push back against you taking every inch of your fat cock inside me.

I sit still for a moment enjoying the warmth before pulling all the way back out.

I beg you for more.”

Poly Play Sext Messages

Poly Play Sext Messages

“He’s all the way in, baby. Are you ready to be fucked?

I nod and feel him begin to ease out of me.

I pulled all the way out then immediately penetrate you again, not fast, but definitely forcefully.

You slowly fucked me, in and out, until you started to feel me pushing back against you. The pain finally fading and being replaced by a feeling of fullness and every time you bottom out in my ass, my cock jumps and releases a fresh load of precum.

I grab onto your hips and start to fuck you faster watching as Cindi crawls in front of you her ass inches from your face.

Lick me, baby, lick my ass while our husband fucks you.

I stick my tongue tasting you. Each time he thrusts, my face burying deeper into your ass. I rim you and then point my tongue. As he pushes into me, my tongue pierces your outer ring.

I let out a long moan wiggling against your tongue.”

Don’t worry no matter what your sexual orientation sexting is completely possible. We will see you next week for more tips and tricks to help you master sexting.


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