Seriously Strange Sex: Lady turns Labia into New Look

Labia necklace

Welcome to our Seriously Strange Sex Series. You ever feel like there are things about you or your sexy parts that are just too strange? Or maybe that fantasy of yours seems a little too out there to ever say out loud. Well have no fear, you are not alone. We all have a something we deem strange about ourselves or our sexual preferences. In this series we’re going to take a look at some of the crazier sides of sex and sexuality. So buckle up folks, things are about to get freeee-kaaaay! Today we are going to show you something seriously strange. Vagina Jewelry. Stay with us, if you’re thinking that’s not very strange, we aren’t talking about jewelry for your vajaja, or that looks like it. We’re talking about a woman who actually cut off part of her vagina and turned it into jewelry.

Meet Tracy Kiss

Tracy Kiss

Tracy Kiss is a woman with many passions. She is a physical trainer and blogger, as well as a fitness and lingerie model. Tracy had experienced vaginal discomfort for so long that she had accepted it as a part of life and assumed that it was normal. It wasn’t until last year that she finally sought out medical attention.

Her Diagnosis

excessively long labia minora

If you suffer from vaginal pain during normal activities such as exercising and sex you should speak with your OB as it is not necessarily normal, and often can be corrected. In Tracy’s case, the problem was that she had an excessively long labia minora. Due to the length of her labia, everyday activities would cause friction that aggravated the sensitive skin of the lady bits.

Her Decision


To avoid further complications and pain Tracy decided to undergo a labiaplasty. Labiaplasty is a surgery to remove pieces of the excess labia. She kept the pieces of her punani, however, after about 8 months the surgical fluid they were in began discoloring her discarded parts. She then decided to seek a more permanent method of preserving her labia.

Labia to Lovely

Labia to jewelry

To prevent further damage to her lost labia she removed them from the fluids, hung them out to dry, then painted and glitter them. Once they were pink and shiny again she then encased her labia in crystal resin. She proudly wears her labia around her neck as a symbol of overcoming her lifelong pain.


See you next Saturday for some seriously strange loving!


One thought on “Seriously Strange Sex: Lady turns Labia into New Look”

  1. Beautiful! I would love to have a piece of some part of me made into a necklace or bracelet. Or for now I will settle for a tattoo of my vagina somewhere on my body. I totally think that would be hot and a conversation piece as well.

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