Jiftip: Condom alternative or scam?

Jiftip review

Yesterday NBC published an article on the new Jiftip. The article introduces this new product saying: “The product, called ‘Jiftip,’ is being marketed as a ‘contraceptive,’ and has been gaining attention on the internet. Its creators claim on their website that the product is an adhesive that covers the tip of the penis so that couples can ‘enjoy real sex.’ ” As all things new and interesting do the article has spread like wild fire. You can check it out for yourself here. Readers are divided, most are curious and willing to try this new alternative, however,  some are rather skeptical. So we’ve done the research for you. If you are wondering if the new Jiftip is the revolution in condoms everyone’s  been waiting for here’s what we’ve found out.

What is the Jiftip and how does it work?

There are a few animated images floating around showing the basic concepts of the jiftip. However, a cartoon doesn’t really do the real thing justice so here is a video of the actual product’s application. WARNING this video is NSFW and contains unedited images of a real penis.

The Pros


Jiftip is made from hypoallergenic material so no more latex reactions. Since Jiftip only covers the opening of the penis there is significantly more sensation with Jiftip than with a condom. The price tag is also drastically lower than what you would find for condoms in convenience stores, however that may change once the product is no longer in its beta stage.

The Cons

The Cons of Jiftip

Jiftip’s website makes it clear this product is not actually intended to replace the effectiveness of condoms. The companies legal disclaimer is short and to the point. “Because it’s not approved for anything anywhere, let’s make this clear: Use for novelty, pleasure, convenience, fun, or entertainment. THOU SHALT NOT USE FOR PREGNANCY OR STI PREVENTION PURPOSES.”

Application time is significantly increased from that of a condom application. Unless you are intending to put the Jiftip on well in advance of any sexual activity expect to spend a few minutes getting back into the mood after sticking it on.

Doctors have also voiced concerns since during ejaculation there is a “contraction of the bulbocavernosal muscle and closure of the bladder neck. That is what propels semen forward. there would be no pressure transmitted to the bladder because it is closed. There would be pressure changes within the urethra, however, whether that degree of barotrauma would lead to urethral injury and structure formation is unclear.” – Dr. Rajiv Singal urologist.

There is also the question of the untested adhesives lasting abilities under moist conditions with varying degrees of friction. So the current conclusion is Jiftip is a flop until further testing, which the company says is potentially years away is conducted. If you are still curious you can find out more from the companies website, or sign the waiver and join in the beta trials yourself.

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  1. I like this I would try this with a guy just for fun of course. Its different and new and things that just come out can be really sexy. I think what I like the most is that I would so want to be the one who puts it on my guys cock. Yes just thinking about it makes me really turned on right now.

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