The Jane Burgess Interview

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We are very excited to offer our readers a new interview with renowned adult model and Talker, Jane Burgess.  This gorgeous starlight goes in-depth with our blog team on her career, personal turn-ons, and much more. Enjoy!

TTM:  You’re an experienced model having been featured in Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse, and Score to name but a few. Can you describe your first modeling experience? What influenced you to decide to become a model?

Jane Burgess: I actually was a child model and beauty parent kid. I quit in high school and started up again when I was working at Hooters. I was part of their promo team and you do a lot of shoots when you are on that team. I met a photographer and took some pics from that shoot and made an online portfolio. I think the freedom of being in front of a camera with an open mind felt normal to me.

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TTM:  When you were young- Did you know you wanted to be a model?

Jane Burgess: I was a child model and I really liked it. I didn’t plan to do it as an adult though.

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TTM:  How long had you’d been modeling before you were working with larger magazines like Playboy and what was that experience like?

Jane Burgess: Not long at all. A few months after I started modeling I shot for Naughty Neighbors and then Score. I shot for a lot of magazines and companies within six months of putting my portfolio online.

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TTM:  What is your most memorable modeling experience?

Jane Burgess: Shooting fetish. When Shortfuse asked me to shoot I thought they were crazy. I have never thought of shooting bondage but once I did that shoot I loved it. I’m super flexible and my elbows tough and I can do some really amazing things. I also worked with the amazing crew and Harmony Concepts a lot.

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TTM:  You’ve become a prolific WebCam and Phone Sex personality. How did your model experiences lend themselves into the evolution of private WebCam and Phone Sex?

Jane Burgess: To be honest I was burned out on traveling for shoots all the time and a friend told me about web cam sites. I signed up for Cams and started doing cam shows on their site. I just really like performing live I guess.

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TTM:  What are some of the pros and cons in relation to traditional adult modeling for magazines like Playboy and Penthouse vs Phone Sex and Web Cam Modeling?

Jane Burgess: Shoots are planned in advance and you know what you’re shooting before you get there. I don’t really have a con to it because I have always been in charge of what I do. The same for cam shows and phone. I love the freedom to be my own boss, pick what I do and work when I choose to work.

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TTM:  Can you describe the first time you had cam sex? Was it with a friend or someone you were dating?

Jane Burgess: It was with my partner and yes it was weird the first few times. You are trying to hit angles that are so hard to get on cam unless you have a camera person shooting it.

TTM: You have several popular social media accounts. What are your preferred methods of social media for connecting with your fans?

Jane Burgess: I use Twitter more than anything. Then probably Tumblr and Facebook.

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TTM:  Do you do anything special to get in the mood to take phone calls or cam sessions?

Jane Burgess: Music. I always play music and that gets me in the mood every time. You need something that relaxes you and makes you feel sexy at the same time.

TTMWhat’s the most memorable thing that’s happened to you during a live cam session?

Jane Burgess: When a regular sent me $5000 a few times over the years as a thank you for being his favorite cam performer. It was a nice surprise and really appreciated.

TTM:  Describe your ideal erotic cam encounter with a member.

Jane Burgess: Oh, those will always vary. LOL I do a good mix of fetish and vanilla shows. The fetish guys are always surprising me. What are some of your personal turn-ons and fetishes? I am a huge lover of role-playing and I like to watch people on cam. For

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TTMWhat are some of your personal turn-ons and fetishes? I am a huge lover of role-playing and I like to watch people on cam. For

Jane Burgess: I am a huge lover of role-playing and I like to watch people on cam. For fetishes, I am a Dom only and I love to do humiliation shows

TTMWhat do you do for fun in your spare time?

Jane Burgess: I like to read a lot when I get a chance. I also spend a lot of my with my family and my dog Hannah.

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TTMIf you could spend the night with your celebrity crush, who would it be? And what would you do?

Jane Burgess: Honestly, I don’t have a celebrity crush. I enjoy their work but I don’t want to ruin the fantasy by actually hanging out with them.


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