Intimate Easter Basket Ideas

The spring equinox marks the first day of spring and is followed by Easter or Oestra. What better way to celebrate the fertility festival than with a basket full of intimacy enhancing treats for that special someone in your life. We have some suggestions to make sure they will be hopping for joy after opening their Easter basket.

Bunny Costume

There aren’t many occasions when a woman can dress up as a playboy bunny. Take advantage of this one! The colors and styles are almost limitless, basically pick out what you like as long as it has matching ears. There’s even a Money Bunny available on amazon, you know, in case your fantasy is a woman wrapped up in $100 bills.

Egg Vibrator

What could be more appropriate in an Easter basket than an egg? If you haven’t updated yours recently these nifty little toys have taken a big step up and most can be controlled from a cell phone instead of that little wire attached remote. If eggs aren’t your thing there are mini rabbit vibes as well that are bout the size of a peep.

Tenga Eggs

Don’t worry ladies there’s an egg for him too! These unassuming little eggs are actually filled with silicone masturbation sleeves for men. Each sleeve features a different texture to suit a variety of needs.

Chocolate Bunny

No Easter basket is complete without a chocolate bunny in it. You can get the one pictured above here.  they also have chocolate busty bunny’s and “jack” rabbits.

Jelly Beans

You’re right, after Beanboozled there really is just nothing sexy about jelly beans. So replace them with these mini lip licking edible lubricants. Get a sampler pack so you have the sweet mini color pops jelly beans would provide.

The card

Skip the hectic hallmark isle and head on over to etsy from the comfort of your own couch. Plus hallmark doesn’t quite capture naughty Easter the way the cards found here does.

We hope you have a dirty, depraved Easter. Happy hump.. we mean hopping!

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