How much sex should you be having – according to science

science of sex

You would think the more sex you’re having the better right? Well, according to science you would be wrong. According to this study from Social Psychology and Personality Science the happiest couples actually only get it on once a week.

The Study

The Study of sex

Researchers spent 40 years surveying over 30,000 people and their findings show that more isn’t always better.

Couples who reported having sex only once a week often reported higher levels of fulfillment and happiness, whereas those who had sex more often where less fulfilled.


Science is great for most things but your personal level of sexual fulfillment should probably be based more on personal experiences. So if you find you are not living your happiest best life, and you aren’t getting as much sex as you would like here are some tips that may help you exceed the norm, and find more fulfillment.

  • Get Rest – Even just a few extra hours of sleep a week can increase your sex drive and mood drastically.
  • Don’t make it a chore – Don’t have scheduled or obligatory sex, try to make sure you’re having fun and enjoying yourselves as well. Anything you HAVE to do loses its appeal over time.
  • Exercise – If you really like your science numerous studies have shown a direct correlation between regularly working out and an enhanced sex drive. As an added bonus working out also gives you a boost of happiness-inducing endorphins.

The bottom line is some people want to have sex every day, and some people have other priorities so sex doesn’t even come close to the top of their list. That doesn’t mean they aren’t just as happy as everyone else, just that they find fulfillment in other areas of their lives. Sometimes less can be more, but only you can decide how much is enough.


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