Hottest Spring Break Destinations

If you still having figured out where to go for spring break and are just tossing up general ideas like Florida or Mexico put your mind at ease. We have narrowed the choices down to the hottest spring break destinations in the world. If you are looking to go somewhere for culture, or cuisine this is not the right list for you!

Montego Bay

Jamaica is an amazing spring break destination, but if you’re looking for the sexier side of spring break then head down to Montego Bay.


You can fly direct from some places into Nassau, Bahamas, which means you can fly directly into a miniature spring break paradise, complete with hotels, casinos, and resort-hosted parties. Just try not to lose too much gambling and remember there are probably better things to spend your money on.


Mexico is a popular spring break destination for good reason. If you are balling on a budget Acapulco is a great option, just be aware you will be living a bit dangerously. Those prices are low for a reason. Just play it smart and stick to the main party spots.

Puerto Rico

No passport? No problem! Enjoy an exotic island get away without worrying about international travel restrictions. Your chances of participating in a massive drunken orgy are relatively low, but the women are hot, the beaches are beautiful, and best of all you don’t need a passport.


You read that right! If you have never even considered Texas as a top contender for spring break you’ve been missing out on a gem! South Padre Island on the coastal tip of the state is one of the hottest spots to be this spring break.


With so many options sometimes its best to stick with the classics, as for Florida that means Miami Beach. Miami Beach is a quintessential Florida spring break destination, with that sweet spot combo of clubs, hotels, beaches, and some formidable local color. It’s not as exotic as Mexico or the Bahamas, but it does have the Will Smith seal of approval. If he’s checked it off his bucket list, you probably should too!

We hope you have a safe, smart, and most of all sexy spring break!

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  1. I love spring break. I sometimes go some where or just turn it into a staycation and prance around in my bathing suit around. This year I am looking to go some where and I would like to go to Key west and be naughty and make kinky naked memories. Oh yes if not there somewhere. Cheers!!

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