Perfecting the Goodnight Sext


Sexting is the perfect way to say goodnight to a loved one who isn’t close enough to touch. Especially if you are to shy to actually say what you really want over the phone. So if phone sex isn’t an option for you for one reason or another but you still wanted to put your long distance lover to bed with a round or two with you we have some suggestions to help you say goodnight via sext.

Goodnight Sext

Sexting before bed is good for a number of reasons, but it’s also good for the morning after. Whatever you said the night before will most likely still be on the screen when you wake up. So you will see it when you pick up your phone to say good morning. Keeping your desires for each other fresh in your mind. A good morning recap is a great way to start any day.

Goodnight Sext

Late night texting can often drag as both of you become tired, sexting is a great way to keep each other awake and involved. Make sure you are comfortable so that you won’t have to get up and turn off lights and lock doors once you have started or after your sexting session. If you or your partner don’t usually jump right to getting down and dirty start off with messages that are clean yet suggestive. Try something like: “I just got out of the shower, what should I wear to bed?” or “Before I go to sleep I always imagine you’re kissing me.”

Perfecting good night sext

Don’t worry about what you will respond with next. Let the conversation progress slowly. As the messages become more sexual the anticipation of the next message will keep you both engaged. Relax and enjoy the kinky, sexy messages you are sending each other. Remember that simple texts like: “I have nothing on me….or in me to keep me warm.” While not overtly sexual will let your partner know exactly what is on your mind. Talking dirty is super sexy, and a big turn on for most people. So relax, and enjoy your sexting just like you would sex in person.

The more you practice the easier it will become. You can take your sexting relationship as far as you want it. Sexting is virtually limitless, remember it’s your relationship you make the rules!


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  1. I just love sexting especially late at night in the dark it`s so provides an air of mystery that is so seducing and very much a big turn on that has me texting and teasing myself at the same time. And it’s even to the point where I make a date to sex text with someone. I just gotta have it like real sex sometimes.

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