Foreplay For Him

Let’s face it, we all know that stimulating a man’s joystick is a sure fire way to make him fire one off, but there’s so much fun to be had in those delicious moments leading up to the big O. Foreplay is essential to having great sex, and that means foreplay for both partners. Most people get wrapped up in what it takes to heat up the lady in the relationship, thinking a man can just turn it on and stand at attention with little to no incentive. Men need some tender love and attention too ladies, and that doesn’t just mean a blowjob. There are a plethora of things you can do to stimulate his pleasure zones and have him writhing in delight and begging for more. Here are a few areas you can start to pay attention to and watch his body react to your touch in a very rewarding way.imagesAN6Z6X9AKeep it above the shoulders. Kissing is a given, but don’t get stuck in the rut of routine, branch out and try some new places to plan those lips. Try softly tracing your lips around the outer rim of his ear, and end by taking his lobe into your mouth for a light nibble, suck, or lick. Don’t forget, while you’re there, try whispering something filthy, sexy, and romantic in his ear. If you’re running low on ideas, default to letting him know how its making you feel. Everyone loves to hear how hot they can make you feel and being together affects you. Don’t leave out the use of your hands; cradle his face and run your fingers through his hair. He’ll love it.images6BPTCGASNow it’s time to plan kisses leading from under his earlobe down his chin and to his neck. Trace licks and kisses from his shoulder to collarbone; it’ll be a huge turn on. If he has sensitive nipples, now’s the time to twist, tweak, or even lick and suck them. A little special attention to his nipples can go a long way.93157789eb0ee4ff2446c593ce587411Another sensual place that doesn’t get much attention is his inner thigh. Odds are once you’re even remotely close to his main member, things tend to jump right to that. Take the time to stimulate his inner thighs, chances are he doesn’t even know it’s a hot spot yet. Start by making him spread his legs nice a wide so you can get up close and personal. Use your finger tips and nails to graze his inner thigh. You’ll notice at the top of his inner thigh there is area where the hair line from his legs end, this is where you’re going to want to get to work. Try light tongue flicks, circles and kisses, and then trail up the top of his thigh with your tongue to his torso. Never leave your hands idle for too long, try caressing the outer thigh and back of his knees. There’s always fun to be hand with a quick pit stop to fondle his balls and cock so they don’t feel neglected, but remember not to get caught up too long, this is about tantalizing tension, not immediate release. It’s important to remember that every man is different, so pay attention to how his body reacts and go from there. If he’s not responding to these places, there are plenty of other spots to play with, have fun and try new things. Explore and experiment with his entire body before going for the family jewels, you never know what places might light his fire and your’s.

8 thoughts on “Foreplay For Him”

  1. I love foreplay. Enjoying the body in front of me is ideal. Taking the time to listen to breathing and moans of appreciation is essential.

  2. Foreplay…ummmmm…hot! I like…I like! I especially like the sucking, licking aspect of foreplay! I have a sweet stick that I loved sucked and licked as well…

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