Emojibator is Taking Sexting to the Next Level


If you understood every “word” of that, then this new innovation is for you! Emojis have quickly become a creative way to spice up every day text conversations. Not to mention the amazing ways they have changed sexting. With this in mind one company decided to capitalize on the new trend. They have turned one of the most commonly used emojis into a fully functioning sex toy. Therefore the Emojibator was born.


Emojibator meme

Jaime Jandler of Philadelphia, Pa created the Emojibator aiming to make “masturbation fun, easy, and accessible.” You can find them here. According to the website it doesn’t matter if “you’re looking for self-pleasure, a playful and perfect gift, or embracing the inner vegan, the Emojibator will certainly please.” However we don’t suggest making an eggplant parm out of it for your own, and your ovens, safety.


Emojibator Go F*ck Yourself Meme

Not only does the Emojibator feature 10 vibration settings. It is also waterproof! Its bathtub-ready skin is only available in limited quantity. So hurry up and order yours before supplies are picked clean. At 4.8″ long and 1.2″ in diameter, the buzzing silicone eggplant is also small enough for travel. Its size also makes it easy to pass off as a novelty item, like the poop pillow or the side eye stress ball, if your mom happens to find it.

How Much?

Emojibator in hand

The Emojibator costs $32, and they now offer shipping worldwide. Don’t worry if privacy is a concern it shows on your bank statement as SP * PIXELRISE if checked out through the site, SP*PIXLRISE from PayPal checkouts. Moreover it is shipped in discreet packaging, so nosey neighbors aren’t eyeing your produce. It’s sleek and satisfying design fits all shapes and sizes.  It is giving a whole new meaning to don’t play with your food.

Emojibator text messages

This fruit, you read that right eggplants are fruits not veggies, is changing up the toy world. Now if you can’t find a date…you can emojibate.

2 thoughts on “Emojibator is Taking Sexting to the Next Level”

  1. Thumbs up and a big thank you to Jaime Jandler!! This is a very sexy toy I love it and the look of it as well. Mmmm now this looks to be my next investment for a hot time with myself or with a special friend. And I also learned something educational about eggplant how it is a fruit not a veggie. I do eat eggplant and all of a sudden I have a craving for it or a hard cock. Yum!!

  2. Ahhhh hahahaha! I love it. The emojibator looks nice and thick at the head. I like being filled up. Sounds like something to look into!

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