Do Vaginas all Feel the Same?

every vagina is unique

We all know that no vagina was created equal. That goes much deeper than just the owner of the vagina’s abilities in the bedroom. They are actually much like fingerprints. Every vagina is unique to each woman. That being said can men feel the difference? Or are they all just warm, wet, happy places?

The short answer is: Yes

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Just like penises all feel different, vaginas all have their unique sensations. Each vagina has its own textures, curvature, and spacing. Not only does the outer labia provide its own sensations dependent on its thickness, but the opening itself also provides its own individual experiences. Thinner smaller vaginas tend to lead to more well defined internal textures, however, if it is too shallow the partner may feel as if the vagina is ejecting their penis rather than constricting around it.




Another variable between vaginas are the bumps and ridges on the inside, these are called the rugae. Rugae are actually the folds and pleats of extra tissue that expand during sex and childbirth. Every vagina has its own pattern of rugae. The texture spacing and amount will never be the same between two different women. Aside from the amount of lubrication, these textures provide the most noticeable difference between men, especially during unprotected sex.

Medically Enhanced

Medically Enhanced

One way to make sure your vagina stands out as memorable is surgical alterations. While the most well-known version is a vaginal rejuvenation there are actually other medical procedures that completely alter the way your vagina will feel. One of the most obvious of these would be if you suffer from a shallow vagina a full hysterectomy would prevent the often painful sensation of a penis bumping against your cervix. This would also allow much deeper penetration as there would essentially be no way to bottom out.

Each vagina is completely unique, however the bottom line, while some are tighter, and some are deeper. Labia and textures tend to be the biggest sensation variables between vaginas.


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  1. All this vagina talk is making me a bit horny. And after this I think I want to have a slumber party with adult beverages to really see some and compare vaginas.

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