Do Blondes really have more fun?

do blondes have more fun

We have all heard the popular phrase, “Blondes have more fun,” sometimes followed by, “Brunettes remember it the next morning.” Today we will be talking about hair color stereotypes and how they apply to women in bed.


blonde more fun

Blondes are notorious for having more fun in life. They are the giggly, light hearted, party girls. In bed, we imagine this means they are the ones who enjoy the submissive brats. They would get off and giggle at being told what to do in the bedroom. Maybe they can be more likely to have one night stands and party hookups, based on the idea that fun is priority. The picture of a bubbly sorority girl comes to mind.


brunette have less fun

Brunettes are the girls known for being more serious and sophisticated. Does this mean sexy librarians are the go to for them? The idea of being told to keep quiet and listen to a brunette woman in a secretary outfit sure is a kink for many. That chocolate brown hair pinned up with glasses on, does sound incredibly hot.


Hot Redhead

Redheads, where do we begin with red heads? These women are the most unique. Only 2% of the population are natural redheads. There is no way they run standard. Redheads are known as being fiery and aggressive. This could mean in the bedroom, they would be very wild and dominating. We can practically taste the spiciness already.



Noirette, or black haired girls, are said to be mysterious and exotic. We’ve even hear the term dangerous used to describe them. A popular fantasy for a woman with flowing black hair would be the sexy mechanic. You know the one. With the oil spread on her fit belly, a tight white tank top lifted slightly, met with a pair of extremely fit jeans. We see her in country music videos all the time.

Dye Jobs

Dye Jobs

Finally, the spunky ones. These are the girls you see with a new hair color every other month. From blue, to purple, to hot pink. These girls are seen as wild cards. They do what they want and cannot be pinned to one stereotype. With this women, you never know what you’ll get. Are you willing to take the dive in to find out?

One thought on “Do Blondes really have more fun?”

  1. All of the women above are pretty hot. I do like making out with blonds the give the best sexy kisses and they are just so open minded as well. And I think I would love to make out with each and every girl above. Who knows I could be missing something really erotic

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