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Monday means its time for more tips and tricks in our Master Sexting Series, this week we have some suggestions to help you keep things fresh. Sexting can get stuck in a rut just like sex if you don’t try to mix it up now and then. These suggestions will help make sure each of your sexting sessions is new and fun.

Ask new questions


Asking sexy questions is a great way to know what your partner wants and is thinking. However some questions tend to get used more frequently than others. Try to avoid the broad questions like “are you turned on right now?” and “whats your fantasy?” Use questions to your benefit helping you get a vivid idea of their desires instead. Try to be more direct, even if you need to think of the questions before hand. Having some ideas in mind can avoid awkward downtime. “What part of you turns you on the most when I kiss it?” “How would you like to play with me?” Remember that sexting sessions are a great opportunity to enhance your sex life when you are able to get your hands back on each other instead of the phone.

Add details to the details

Don’t get overly technical, but good details can make things even hotter. The more specific you are in your sexts the easier and better your partner will be able to visualize what you are fantasizing about. It is much easier to keep the conversation going when you both know exactly what position you’re in in what room that way if you move to the floor and climb on top you’re both in the same room mental rather that one in the bedroom and one on the living room floor. Keep in mind that while it may feel weird to type out words like “cock” in your description they read much hotter than clinical cold words like penis. Sexting is essentially dirty talk after all.

Build on the past

Using past sexual encounters with your partner to sext is great, however don’t let them be limiting. Use your favorite sex sessions as inspiration for your sexting sessions but let them evolve naturally. For example if you loved the way they where kissing your neck tell them and follow it with where else you would like them to kiss you like that. Remember your imagination and personal boundaries are the only limits to your sexting sessions.

We will see you next week for more tips to help you become the master of your sext life.

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  1. I love these sex tips I swear when use read them I get really turned on just as much as I do when I use them in my sexy conversations so please keep them coming. I so want more of both sex and sexy conversations.

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