Love your Latex: Caring for Toy & Fetish Wear

proper sex toy latex cleaning

Whether you’re a deviant dominant, or just love the feel of latex caressing your skin, chances are if you are sexually active you are going to come into contact with Latex. We have the do’s and don’ts plus some extra tips to keep your Latex at the peak of its performance.

Latex Do’s

Latex on woman

Prevention is protection. It is easier to properly upkeep your Latex than it is to attempt to repair it, or even worse have to replace it. First and foremost keep latex fetish wear away from heat sources like candles and fireplaces.

Avoid metals as most will stain your latex clothing. Wash hands thoroughly in between cigarettes if you are a smoker and yourself if you work in an industry such as fast food or waste management that may leave odorous residue on your skin.

Trim and smooth fingernails before putting on your fetish wear. Avoid oil based products when wearing latex clothing or using latex toys or condoms as many oils will quickly degrade the materials. Remove all jewelry when using your bedroom latex. Use a soft, microfiber cloth to polish your latex back to its original shine.

Things To Avoid With Latex

Things To Avoid With Latex

Use household polish to shine up your latex, it is important to ONLY use water or silicone based products to clean and polish latex.

Store clothing in damp spaces or put it away without being fully dry. Expose fetish wear to direct sunlight or fluorescent lighting.

Water, humidity, and direct light sources for prolonged periods can all rot and damage your latex. Store different colored latex together, garment bags are great for fetish wear, and most toys come with their own storage bags.

Don’t wring out your clothing gently shaking off water works best for both clothes and toys. You should also avoid letting cloth dry out or rub too hard when polishing latex as this could scratch the surface.

Chlorinate your Latex

Chlorinate your Latex

Chlorinated latex is relatively new, however is becoming an increasingly popular choice for latex lovers.

Not only does it not require lube or any other dressing aid to get into, but also because it does not stick together the way untreated latex does. Another plus side to treating your latex is that many people who have allergies found that chlorinated latex doesn’t cause a reaction.

Treating the material with chlorine makes it permanently soft and smooth, however it causes the latex to have a thicker feel and different, more industrial, smell.

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