Cervical Tapping – Turn on or Too Much?

cervical tapping

Do you just love when you manage to reach the furthest part of her vagina? The cervix is the opening a woman has at the end of her vagina. To a man, it feels like you’ve found a softer smoother part of her love tunnel, but what does she feel when you’re balls deep?

And do women actually like this? We asked almost 200 women. Out of all of them only around 15 said “hell yes!” to the question…The rest were a hard ‘no’.

Some women find it quite painful.

Kisha responded with, “You wanna tap what, with what expectations?! Tap the clit, you’ll have much better results.” The clitoris is a major pleasure zone for most women, and some can only reach climax with clitoral stimulation. “Yeah, that’s a hard no from me. Thankfully my cervix is tipped backwards so he can’t hit it straight on even though mine is always low and he isn’t small! But when we DO get into a position where he can, we switch immediately.” Explains Maureen. One respondent who wishes to remain anonymous said: “Working as a midwife, I can tell you that most women don’t find any touching of the cervix to be pleasurable.” Her advice is coming from a medical point of view, and who knows more about what happens inside a lady’s vagina than someone who gets paid to explore it?

A lot of women have said they only dislike the intentional bumping of the cervix but enjoy action nearby. This is when we explore the famous G-Spot. The G Spot is a sensitive area inside her lady bits, which makes many women, go crazy- in a good way. We beg you if you don’t know where her G Spot is, find it!

Visual Aid

Laura drew us a little diagram of her opinion on cervical tapping since she does enjoy deep penetration and finds it “really intense, satisfying, and cathartic…” However, she does not enjoy “his dick jamming directly” into her cervix. Check out her artistic visual aid above.

The Yes’s

those who enjoy cervical tapping
Now, remember, all women are different. Some love this! “It never hurt for me, just he got super deep, made it more fun when he did get that deep,” says Megan. Jamielynn feels very strongly towards it, “I fucking love it. Always have…Not only do I love it, I will ask for it!” Another woman who said she loves it also says she usually has “amazing orgasms from it.”

If you don’t know if your lady likes it or not, just ask! Communication is key to successful pleasure on both sides.

Special thanks to co-author Jensen Stottler, and co-contributor Sheri Kahmar.

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