Best Travel Sex Toys: When you need your O on the Go

best sex toys for traveling

Traveling with toys can be a bit tricky. Not only do you want something discrete that won’t have you held up at a security checkpoint, you also have to manage power requirements, noise, and hygiene while your toy is in transit at the bottom of your purse or tucked into your suitcase. Here are some of 2018’s top travel-friendly toys.

The Nexus Revo 2

The Nexus Revo 2 sexy toy for traveling

While this may look like a sleek new wireless joystick, it is actually a rotating prostate and perineum massager. Aside from its discrete design, this 2 rotation and 3 vibration speed massager doesn’t require batteries. It is USB rechargeable and gets around 4 hours of enjoyment from each full charge.

The Womanizer W500

The Womanizer W500 travel sex toy

This may look like a weirdly designed massager, however, this tiny toy is packing so much more. The Womanizer is a non-contact clitoral stimulator. Along with its discrete, yet stylish design, this toy has 8 intensities for you to choose from. It is alsoan USB rechargeable device so no need for batteries.

Flesh Lights

Flesh Lights for travel

Liquids may be forbidden on flights, but this beer can is packing a lot more than a beverage. While it is discrete as a toy, when closed, this superskin fleshlight is a treasure once opened. Featuring a realistic vaginal opening, plush pink lips and a tight ribbed interior that is a one of a kind sleeve, this toy will not leave you disappointed.

Makeup Vibes

make-up vibrators for traveling

If your biggest concern is discretion then these might be your best option. Grab a tiny makeup bag and throw any one or all three of these in it for a party on the go that a coworker wouldn’t bat an eyelash at. The biggest drawback of lipstick type vibrators is that they do require batteries, so make sure if you are flying to check your airlines regulations.

Just remember to take out any batteries and tuck your toy inside a zip lock bag, for clean and accidentally buzzing free travels.


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  1. My choice of toy to receive a O on the Go would be the Womanizer W500 it looks really good in fact they all look good especially if I have a travel buddy we can try the The Nexus Revo 2. Oh yes please it would me a really erotic getaway between my partner and I for sure.

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