Exploring the Mysteries of Astral Sex

astral sex practice

I love sex, love making, fucking, etc, and more.  The feeling of it and the body movements and sometimes shaking in different position due to the excitement of it all makes me come back for more.  Every part of my  body  is aroused and all senses are too.  And my favorite is the way my body feels after. This leaves me wanting more of sex and something a bit different.  And what I want now is to learn more about and have Astral Sex.

To get to astral sex it is good to first learn about astral projection. Which is the soul or consciousness that separates from the physical body.  When this happens one can travel throughout the universe and more.

astral projection

Travel like this is also known as an out of body experience.  It’s possible for everyone to experience something like this.  Everyone is different and some can do it very easy where some like myself need practice.

Down below is a little video that gives insight to this practice that has been going on since the beginning of time.  In life, lots of things evolve.   So why not do the same with our sex lives?

Astral sex happens when another soul or consciousness emerges during. This is great because you can discover something really passionate and seducing.  You can exchange energies and good deep vibrations and more on a whole new level.

When you go back to your physical body you will remember and absolutely cherish that feeling.   A new kind of sexual release is just out there waiting to be explored by entering a non physical realm.

At the end of the day expanding and exploring our deep desires through astral sex can help when we have sex with our physical bodies   Especially if one is a bit shy or has some insecurities about sex. I like that one does not have to worry about STDs and if you have disabilities of some sort when you astral they are not there anymore because you are not in your physical body.


astral sex

In conclusion, if you’re interested in astral sex, be sure to check out books, people, movies, and interviews on social media relating to the topic.

Find out all you can when it comes to astral sex it’s good to protect yourself not as you would do with physical sex but mentally and build up your knowledge of the practice.  After all, this is your energy and soul and you are stepping into something that goes against the norm.   And upon returning to your body you do not want to bring back any kind of negative energy or something that will drain you.  Life is a blessing so it is really important to explore and learn all that you can to experience wonderful things that are out there. Totally do it in a safe way.



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  1. The guy in the video is really cute totally would like to have an astral experience with him. He seems to look like he has really good energy. Astral sex is certainly something sexy I need to try once in this life time of mine.

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