What Is Alternative Love Therapy?

alternative love therapy

Welcome to our Seriously Strange Sex Series! Where strange can be good, weird, or gross depending on your lifestyle. We often take a look into a seemingly stranger side of sexual arousal shared by many throughout the world . Today’s look into the stranger side of sex is all about Alternative Love Therapy: Getting paid to dry hump all day!

Alternative Love Therapy

What do you do for a living? We have a feeling it pales in comparison to being paid to dry hump on a daily basis. No, you did not read that wrong. There is an existing career in dry humping. This can also be known as alternative love therapy.

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Essentially what happens, is the man, who is a paid professional, will grind against the woman, who is a client, until time is up. On a soft air mattress covered in blankets in pillows, the man will rub his body on the woman to satisfy her need for affection. Sounds like a job to dream about doesn’t it? We think so too. This is definitely a step up from those professional cuddler’s we keep seeing in videos on the internet.

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What does it take to become a professional alternative love therapist? Apparently, a license. The man who is known for this, Niko from Santa Monica says he is actually trained for it. We aren’t sure what the training process would be, but it sounds fun.

The benefits to receiving this alternative love therapy include having a healthier, happier lifestyle. This method has deep roots in other cultures as well, where spiritual well-being is very important. Being dry humped may seem like falling short of a full experience, but people who have tried it, swear by it. Who wouldn’t enjoy something like this? Imagine it, being able to get paid to rub yourself against someone all day. The relaxing, sensual environment would make it hard not to come to work every day. At the end of the day, you know you have satisfied women, who will most likely come again for more of you services. We are sure the professional has lots of enjoyment in making these women… happy. We will see you next Saturday for some seriously strange loving!

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