Adding New Sex Moves

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Does your guy have a signature move in the sack? Are you sick of it? A lot of times once a guy realizes you like something they make sure to incorporate it into sex, however, if you aren’t really feeling that one thing anymore but aren’t sure how to tell them we have some advice for you. Here’s how to break the cycle without breaking his self-esteem.

Be Blunt

Be Blunt about sex positions

If you have a relationship with an open dialogue about what works and doesn’t work for you both in the bedroom then try just saying, “I used to love when you would do this, but I think we need to change things up.”

If you’re in the moment and notice he’s about to do his move then try redirecting him to something that is more pleasurable for you, even something as small as moving his hands or adjusting your hips can cause him to change up what he’s doing.

Reverse Psychology

Reverse Psychology

Make it a positive instead of a negative. Skip telling him what you don’t like anymore and instead tell him what he’s doing that you love. If you find yourself in the uncomfortable position where nothing he’s doing you really love, then try suggesting something you think he would be really good at, and that you would love.



If you don’t have the type of relationship where you talk about what’s going on in the bedroom, then the bedroom is where you will need to correct the problem. Guide him towards the things you like most, turn it into a dirty talk session. Even if you’re not great with talking dirty there are tons of one-word encouragements that can change things up: “Harder” “Faster” “Deeper” etc. If you really aren’t comfortable talking during sex use your reactions, moans and the lack thereof can often speak louder than words during the heat of the moment anyway.

If all else fails you could always just flip him over and take charge of things yourself. Have you ever had a partner with a signature sex move you hated? We would love to hear all about it in the comments below!

One thought on “Adding New Sex Moves”

  1. I had a guy once and his signature move was when getting hot and heavy put his hands under my ass/butt and start talking like: Oh yes yes , that`s it , more more, he just kept talking. And now that I think about it I not sure that was a move. And just thinking about him is making me angry due to the fact that he was mean.

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