About Us

Who Is TalkToMe.com?

TalkToMe.com is owned and operated by TL Holdings LLC, the leader in adult entertainment. We have been providing adult entertainment for over 20 years.

What Is TalkToMe.com?

TalkToMe.com is where adults can connect for hot, one-on-one adult fun; men and women holding intimate private conversations over the phone. You can talk about anything your heart desires. TalkToMe.com helps you find individuals to speak with, connects you via the phone, and all for low per-minute rates. Whether you are looking for romance, advice, friendship, or just adult fun, you can find it on TalkToMe.com.

How Does TalkToMe.com Work?

You start off by browsing the listings of our hot people waiting to talk to you. When you find the person you are interested in, simply click your desired service to be connected. We will connect you and the person you wish to speak with anonymously through our secure phone systems. It’s that easy!