Celebrate 12 Days of Christmas Sex

xmas sex

There are only 12 days left until Christmas! So instead of giving your true love 11 pipers piping, as kinky as that sounds, how about trying out our 12 days of holiday sex countdown. It’s a great way to try some new things while also making sure to squeeze in some time to keep things hot during all the chaos the holiday season normally brings with it.

“Drummers Drumming”

xmas sex

Rump a bum bum. Oh sorry that’s a completely different song. For day 12 give spanking a try, whether you are the giver or receiver a little light bondage will be sure to add some warm spice to your repertoire.

“Pipers Piping”

oral xmas sex

11 days to go, go ahead and try a little suck and blow! Give only giving oral a go, for some extra holiday cheer use a bit of peppermint flavored lube.

“Lords A’ Leaping”

leaping xmas sex

Leaping during sex is a pretty good way to add an E.R. trip, instead, try some vertical sex positions. Pin your partner against a while and have them ride your north pole while keeping their legs spread like they are leaping instead of wrapped around you, this will allow for extra deep penetration with maximum clitoral stimulation.

“Ladies Dancing”

sexy xmas dancing

This one should be pretty obvious, ladies its time to try out a seasonal striptease. If you aren’t sure what to wear you could always opt to start out nude, or check out our article on this year’s sexiest Christmas lingerie. If you don’t have a personal stripper song we even have a list of some of the sexiest Christmas song remakes you could try out.

“Maids a Milking”

sexy xmas maid

Roleplay! Christmas is full of different characters you could role play as, Mr. and Mrs. Clause for example. However, if you are new to roleplay and just want to keep it simple stay true to the song and go for a classic French maid outfit. (Hint: Feather dusters double as perfect feather ticklers for some sensation play.)

“Swans A’ Swimming”

Sexy Swimming

It’s time to get a little wet. If you have a heated indoor pool, try out some underwater sex. If you live in a cold climate or don’t have a pool take it to the shower. If you have already tried shower sex and you and your partner are not fans of the confined spaces, you could also try giving each other a bath as a form of foreplay.

“Geese A’ Laying”

Six days, you are half way there! Trying giving it to your true love with the move we call the “geese a laying.” This position is yet another cunnilingus variation. The receiver sits like a goose laying an egg while their partner performs oral on them. Make sure each partner gets a turn “on top” since it is the season of giving after all.

“Golden Rings”

goleden ring xmas ornament

Cock rings come in gold, and if you have not tried them out yet this is the perfect opportunity. If you are skeptical about the mutual enjoyment of a cock ring we have the rundown on these perfect little sex additions here.

“Calling Birds”

sexy xmas sweater

Give phone sex a try! If you can’t call your partner due to family visits, or work engagements give sexting a go. Try turning up the volume, calling out some steamy dirty talk during sex can be an added turn on.

“French hens”

sexy xmas lesbian lights

Don’t worry we won’t suggest you learn French, however it is a great language to dirty talk in. However, often times, if you have been in a relationship for an extended period of time kissing becomes more like an expected show of affection than a hungering passionate act. Go ahead and remind each other what those first French kisses with each other were like. First person to try and take things a step further loses!


sexy tturledoves

Please do not mount your partner and flap your arms like a dove as some people have suggested as a sex position called the turtledoves. Instead embrace them for the symbol of the shy, sweet, and true love that they are. Spend some time sweetly caressing and loving on your partner’s body. Take the time to indulge in a true love making session.

“Partridge in a Pear Tree”

sexy dude xmas tree

It’s Christmas if there was ever a day for some holiday sex it is today! Pick your favorite positions and give them a go under the tree. Make sure Santa isn’t the only one cumming in your town! Keep in mind that this is the most given gift in this song and don’t be afraid to replay this stanza a few times.

Happy 12 days of Christmas!


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  1. Geese A Laying is what I so would love to try with my partner. Just thinking about it gets me really horny and so ready to do that and maybe add in a bit of Lords A Leaping. And then I will work my way to everything else.

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